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St. Kitts and Nevis, Two Spectacular Islands

St. Kitts and Nevis, two beautiful tropical islands in the Caribbean, is the ideal destination to buy your dreamed of ST KITTS REAL ESTATE or Nevis property. Both islands still retain that Caribbean charm lost by many of the other Caribbean islands.

What Nevis Real Estate can offer you?

The beautiful Island of Nevis is steeped in history as Admiral Lord Nelson was married here. A historical point still seen today is that a local Nevisian, Alexander Hamilton, has his portrait on the US $ 10 bill.
Nevis has a population of about 10,000 residents with most having the quiet and conservative persona as well as reliable, a trait of all Nevisian's. In fact you will always see a smile form the heart on each and every face!
Nevis is great for the typical Caribbean holiday with two stunning beaches but also will offer you another world to enjoy as its focal point is a mountain rising over 3200 feet. A hike up the mountain will take you through varied flora, fauna and terrain and finally breathtaking views of the entire island and the Caribbean from the top, all on just the 32 square mile island of Nevis.

Nevis is also a focal point for world businesses with its well developed financial sector, no income tax, capital gains tax or inheritance tax. Nevis is also home to the 5 diamond Four Seasons Resort which is well known for its Robert Trent Jones golf course. You will also find on Nevis smaller quaint hotels as well as the luxury Qualie Beach Resort owned by the Yearwood Brothers as well as the St. Kitts and Nevis Realty.

What owning St. Kitts Real Estate can offer?

St. Kitts has many tourist areas to enjoy with one of the main being southeast of Basseterre, the islands capital. Here you will find many hotels, St. Kitts villas, golf courses and popular beaches.
If you choose the explore Basseterre you will find many palm trees lining the streets, interesting boutiques, art galleries and beautiful architecture. You can also enjoy an interesting park which was built on an old slave market and suited in name being Independence Square. Recently, local waterfront land has been developed with stores, a new marina and most important for St. Kitts economy, a new cruise ship terminal.

St. Kitts is not only a beautiful island but as well is known for its clothing made of batik and tie-dyed cotton. Other crafts of the island are found in local shops and stores. The store Island Hopper sells Caribelle Batik?s famous dresses, caftans and more. There are several art galleries where you can purchase local art works as well.

Brimstone Hill is an 18th century fortress which has been nicknamed ?Gibraltar of the West Indies?. It played a major role in many battles between the English and the French as both occupied it at different times. Although it lay dormant for over 100 years, it has now been restored with a citadel lined with 24 cannons and has stunning views over Nevis, St Maarten and St Barts and other islands. Brimstone Hill was inducted as a site for UNESCO World heritage.

As with most Caribbean Islands you will find sugarcane and beyond Brimstone Hill you will find many plantations and estates with acres of sugarcane.

St. Kitts and Nevis are drenched in history and are considered one of the best destinations in the Caribbean whether for a vacation or to call it your home. Either choice remember the Yearwoods as they can assist you in finding that little bit of paradise you have always wanted and if not that perfect St. Kitts villa to call home during your Caribbean Vacation.

Nevis Real Estate and St. Kitts Property for sale from the respected Agent and Broker for Oualie Realty St Kitts and Nevis real estate listings in Nevis St. Kitts. Property for sale includes villas, new homes for sale, resale homes, condos and commercial property. Select a Nevis beachfront private villa or St. Kitts Vacations and let our staff find you the perfect vacation rental villa in Nevis or St. Kitts. The Citizenship by Investment program for St Kitts and Nevis is also available through your Oualie Realty Agent.

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